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Things You'll Find At A Family Paint And Sip Class

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When you think about a paint and sip class, there's a good chance that you picture an evening event at which you and some friends can gather to work on individual art projects while you sip wine and socialize. You'll find these events in all sorts of locations, but another type of class that may be appealing to you is a family paint and sip class. These are events that are targeted toward parents and their children. They often take place on weekend afternoons, rather than evenings, and can be a fun way to spend some time as a family. Here are some things that you'll find at a family paint and sip class. 

Child-Focused Art Themes

The theme of the painting in adult paint and sip classes varies, but it tends to be something that appeals to grown-ups. For example, during a winter class, the instructor might lead the participants in painting a snowy scene. When you check out some family classes, you'll commonly see that the painting theme will be more geared toward kids. Most children will be a lot more excited about painting superheroes, unicorns, or another comparable type of content, for example, than a nature landscape. In some cases, you may find that the theme of the painting will be a good fit to hang in your child's bedroom.

Family Refreshments

While wine is the star attraction on the menu at an adult paint and sip class, you won't find alcoholic beverages when you attend a family event. Instead, there will be a selection of drinks that the whole family can enjoy, including fruit juice and soft drinks. There will also be a number of different family-friendly finger foods, including popcorn, pretzels, corn chips, veggie sticks, and more. Your kids will have fun making themselves a plate of snacks to munch on while they paint.

Different Lengths

It's common to find family paint and sip classes that run for different lengths of time, which can make it easy to find an event that will suit your family. For example, if you know that your kids would enjoy this new activity but you're also aware that they have relatively short attention spans, you might favor a class that is a little on the shorter side. To learn more about paint and sip classes for families, as well as traditional classes geared toward adults, contact an art studio near you.