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3 Ways To Add Seasonal Sports Elements To An Entertainment Room

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If you love using your entertainment room to watch sports and cheer on your favorite teams, then you have the option to mix up the decor featured in the room. The pictures on the wall and other decorations in the room can reflect current seasons, both in sports and the time of the year.

Follow this guide to get some ideas on how to add seasonal elements to an entertainment room and change the decorations you have around on a regular basis. The design elements will add some freshness to the room and encompass themes for the sports you watch on TV.

1. Seasonal Prints

If you have areas with framed prints up on the wall, then you can interchange those prints every few months. For example, you could purchase prints from a Sports Illustrated former weekly column artist and have a set dedicated to each time of year. In the autumn and early winter, you could display illustrations of sports like football.

In the spring and summer, you could display prints of basketball and baseball. During years with special events like the Winter Olympics, you could put up prints of athletes in the snow, like ski events. The interchange of prints allows you to have a variety of designs on your wall to create unique looks in your entertainment room.

2. Magazine Subscriptions

If you want your sports room to feel fresh and current, then consider displaying some magazine subscriptions on coffee tables and end tables in the room. You can match the art styles and designs of prints from a Sports Illustrated former artist with a magazine subscription.

You could buy special season guides at stores or subscribe to receive issues on a regular basis. You could also pull out your favorite covers from years ago and display those to reflect specific sports and seasons.

3. Ball Decor

Add some depth and design elements to an entertainment room with the use of ball decor. You can display balls on tables, shelves, or right inside an entertainment center. The ball decor you display will add a nice seasonal touch and could reflect on the current sports seasons you watch.

Ideally, you want to display the balls in a protective case so they just don't roll off. The case also prevents dust and debris on the balls and will keep them all in mint condition.

Plan ahead for each sports season and have everything ready to go to really revamp your sports room. You can contact someone such as a Sports Illustrated former artist for more info or assistance.