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4 Types Of Picture Frames

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Photos and paintings can make any space more lively. When you go through the trouble of investing in wall art, you want to make sure you display it properly. Picture frames can help you protect your wall art while showing it off in its best light. A custom picture framing service can mat and frame any photo or art that you'd like to display. Here are four types of picture frames you can choose when you take advantage of custom picture framing services:

1. Rustic Frames

Some people like rustic decor. Rustic decorations offer the type of charm typically associated with country manors and simple pleasures. Rustic frames can help you bring some of that charm into your house. These picture frames are commonly made from wood that's stained to allow the wood grain to show through. They may feature visible nails to give viewers a sense of the craftsmanship that went into the piece. These frames are a good choice for displaying your favorite family photos.

2. Modern Frames

Modern picture frames are a good choice for people who favor minimalist designs in their homes and offices. Modern picture frames emphasize clean lines and elegant construction. Metal is a material frequently used in modern frames. The shiny, attractive appearance of stainless steel and chrome make modern picture frames an appropriate choice for people on the cutting edge of design. Modern frames are usually thin, which allows the visual focus to remain on the framed material. If you don't prefer the appearance of stainless steel, you can choose plain black or white modern frames instead.

3. Classic Frames

Classic picture frames are a good choice for people who want to maintain a neutral decor look. Offices that want tasteful wall art can benefit from classic picture frames. These frames are understated to avoid calling attention to themselves. Instead, viewers' eyes will be drawn to the paintings or photographs you choose to place within the picture frames. Classic frames are typically made from wood or plastic. They're generally found in neutral colors.

4. Ornate Frames

Ornate picture frames are a great choice for people who strive to cultivate elegance in their homes. Ornate picture frames feature extra design elements that aren't found on standard picture frames. Ornate frames may be molded with filigree patterns and other accents. These frames come in many colors, but some ornate frames are gilded to offer a pleasing, opulent shine.

To learn more, contact a custom picture framing company.