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Need To Make A Video? Ask These Questions To Figure Out Your Deliverable Format

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If you are seeking out the help of a content production agency to make a video for your business, chances are that you do not know a lot about video production. However, there will be questions that come up about the final format of your video that need to be answered at the beginning of the project. Here are some questions to ask yourself to help figure out what you need.

Is It For Broadcast?

Videos that are being made for broadcast are going to have different standards than videos that are made for the web. The company that is distributing your commercial will likely have a very specific file format to ensure that the spot is compatible with the various channels that will be airing your commercial. A broadcast spot will also need audio levels to meet certain broadcast standards so that one commercial is not louder than the ones that surround it, as well as color levels within the spot. Knowing the commercial is for broadcast upfront can ensure that these things are done properly during post-production.

What Screen Will It Air On?

If the video is not for broadcast, then ask yourself what screen will the video primarily play on. For example, if it is playing on a display in your store, that display may have a very specific size with a custom aspect ratio or can take advantage of a high frame rate so that the video plays smoothly. If the video will play on a standard TV, you'll need to know if the TV supports 4K resolutions and if you want the final video to deliver at that size. 

Will It Play On Phones Or Social Media?

The place online where you deliver your content can also change how your final video is formatted. For example, if you are making a video that plays on Facebook, you may want to create an alternate format where the video is vertical and takes up the entire phone's screen without having to rotate it. Other social media sites use a square format, which is another aspect ratio that is quite different. Formatting for these aspect ratios can often mean more work when you are delivering multiple formats at once since elements of the video will need to be adjusted and cropped to accommodate for the change. Thankfully, it's easy to plan for when you let your agency know your needs from the start.