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Helpful Tips For All Three Stages Of Your Video Production Project

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Looking to hire a video production company to help produce the video that you need for your business? If so, this task can feel overwhelming if you've never done it before. Here are some tips for each of the three steps of the production process.

Pre-Production Tips

A common mistake people make in pre-production is not locking down a script with all stakeholders. You'll want to make sure that everything has been approved by all participating parties in the early stages, since fixing mistakes later can have a ripple effect that costs you money. Even something as simple as a delay to write new dialogue can be costly with a crew that needs to be retained and paid for a lost day of work. If something needs to be reshot later, you could end up paying double for your production budget.

Production Tips

Many companies are using their videos across multiple social media platforms, which requires that the video be produced in multiple formats. Unfortunately, this may not come up until well after production has finished. For example, there may be a square video for Instagram and a vertical video for a Facebook story. Understand that you may have to shoot additional versions of a scene so that it works within the different frame sizes, especially a vertical video version. If you are shooting a product shot, you may need to pull out extra wide in order to get everything in the shot for the tall aspect ratio.

Post-Production Tips

Post-production is the part of the process where everything starts to come together and you see the final product. You'll be given plenty of opportunities to make changes to the finished video, but it is important that you go about making these changes in the most efficient way possible. Gather feedback from everyone on your team and compile it all into a single document for the editor. This will help you evaluate what feedback is important and what can be ignored.

Don't be afraid to show those high-up stakeholders the video in a rough cut state for early approval on where it is heading. A mistake people make is waiting until the very end when the video is in its final form, but by then it can be time-consuming and costly to make changes. For example, if someone doesn't like a particular shot that has been used, you don't want to get that type of feedback after the shot has had color correction and compositing work done to it.

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