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Tips For Displaying Your Wedding Photographs In Your Home

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Now that your wedding is over and you have returned safely home from your honeymoon, it's time for the fun of viewing all of your professional wedding photographs! This is a very anticipated day for many newly-married couples and is one of the last tasks before your wedding becomes a memory.

If you and your new spouse have been trying to decide how to display some of your wedding photos in your home, then these tips will give you some suggestions:

Tip: Go For a Subtle Look with One, Nicely-Framed Large Photo

If you want to include a memento of your big day in your home but don't want a ton of wedding photos on display, then framing one large photo is the way to go. Typically, a photo of you and your spouse with your wedding venue in the background works the best.

A single photo in a plain frame gives a more formal look, while a more ornate, customized frames will generally look more informal on your wall. In addition, thinner frames show off the photo the best, while thicker frames or thick mats bring more visual attention to themselves and can draw away visual interest from your photograph.

Tip: Consider a Photo Collage If Your Want to Display Multiple Photographs

Whether you want to display several larger wedding photos or many smaller ones, a photo collage is a great way to do so. Collages tend to look less formal and give you a wealth of choices. You can purchase one specialty collage frame or make your own using a variety of different sizes of matching frames. You can even add words such as "family", "love", or "forever" to enhance the look of the grouping.

If you want to display both large and small photos as part of your collage, then it's vital you strike a visual balance. One of the best and easiest ways to do so is to purchase a custom photo frame designed to accommodate multiple photos. Simply add your photos to the frame and it is ready to go and looks perfectly balanced.

Tip: Display Your Wedding Photos in a Triptych Style

Lastly, another popular wedding photo display style is to hang a triptych, which is a fancy art name for three photos either next to, or stacked on top of, each other. If you would like more photos, then make sure you stick to an odd number because odd numbers are more attractive to the human eye.