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Effectively Market The Homemade Cakes You Are Selling

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If you bake cakes from your home and many of your neighbors and friends have raved about how well your baked goods have turned out and now you are contemplating the prospect of opening a small business, succeeding at your endeavors will require you to effectively market your products. Designing a website, using custom packaging, and attending social functions can help. 

Create A Website

Creating a website that describes your cake business and lists some of the varieties that you sell will allow you to reach out to people without needing to formally introduce yourself. A website designer can help you design your site or you may opt to design one yourself if you are knowledgeable about doing so. Before designing a website, choose how you would like the finished site to look.

It is a good idea to have plenty of colorful pictures on your site and bold lettering should be used so that sections that contain words are easy to scan. Take pictures of several cakes that you have baked and add the photos to your site. Provide people with details pertaining to how to contact you directly and the amount that you charge for each cake. If you are willing to deliver or ship items, clearly explain so. 

Order Custom Packaging

Decorative packaging that is customized can be used to display cakes that are for sale or can be used to store finished goods that need to be transported to a client's home or business.

Speak to the director of a packaging company to acquire information about the types of packaging design services that will help to promote your cakes. A logo, company name, or picture can be added to custom packaging so that people who view the packaging will instantly know that the custom items relate to your cake business.

If you plan to operate from a commercial storefront, large cardboard displays can be used to advertise the types of cakes that you sell and the ingredients that are used to make each one. If you are promoting a new variety, a boxboard product that is customized can be used to alert people who stop by your shop. 

Offer Cakes At Social Functions

If flea markets, festivals, or other social functions are being held in your town, try to take part in the activities by selling your cakes at some or all of them. Contact the facilitator of each event to inquire about selling your baked goods. If you receive approval, purchase or rent a table that can be used to display the cakes that you bring to each function.

Hang a sign from the front of the table so that people will be aware of your business name and the types of cakes that you are selling. Introduce yourself to each person who buys a cake and encourages them to stop by your business to view some additional cakes that you have made.