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DIY Picture Frame Ideas For Gamers

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When you're a gamer, your love of video games takes over your entire life. You even want to decorate your home with gaming items. Why not spend a little time making one-of-a-kind picture frames for your favorite photos? Here are some ways to turn simple frames into awesome gaming frames with little effort:

Computer Key Picture Frame

PC gamers are seemingly attached to their computer keyboards. Show your love of PC games by decorating a cheap frame with computer keys. Find an old keyboard with the large keys. You want the large ones because they pop off easy and stand out more on your picture frame. Super glue the keys to the front of a cheap dollar store picture frame. You can even spell out words that show off your gaming love.

Video Game Case Picture Frame

A picture frame made from an old video game case actually serves two purposes: It shows off your photo and lets you hide things inside. Remove the game label and stickers from the empty case. Remove the pieces of plastic that hold the game in place inside the case using a sharp utility knife; you just want them out of the way for holding things. If the cover is wrapped in protective plastic, then you can just slip a photo inside and be finished with your frame. If not, you'll have to glue your photo onto the cover and maybe cover it with plastic or some type of protective coating.

Hang up the picture on the wall. You can open the case and hide money or important documents inside. Close it up and nobody will know you've hidden something inside.

Upcycled Game Boy Picture Frame

Do you still have your old Game Boy that just doesn't work anymore? You can tear the whole thing apart so that you are left with an empty case. Remove the LCD screen and you have the perfect place for your photo. Put the case back together, leaving all the innards out so it doesn't get in the way. You can hang up the picture frame Game Boy or leave it on your coffee table for all to see.

Perler Bead Picture Frame

Perler beads are plastic beads that you place in a design and then heat with an iron. The plastic melts just enough to meld the beads together. The result is an object that looks like it came straight out of an 8-bit video game. They are called sprites, and you can make sprites of your favorite characters. Glue them to a picture frame to help show off your photos.

These are pretty simple DIY picture frame ideas for gamers. They will show off your love of gaming mixed with your favorite memories.

If you don't have the time, you can also order frames for nicer photos from professional companies, like It's Worth Framing, or discuss custom frame options to still show off your passion and flare.